carpe diem

For the past two years, I’ve been living in Botswana.  I maintained a travel blog about my experiences there, and I tried half-heartedly to maintain it once I returned home to Canada.  However, it seems that when not travelling, I can’t bring myself to write in the travel blog…  Frequently, over the past few months, I’ve brought fingers to keyboard to type an entry, only to reject is as “not travel-ish enough,” or “not serious enough.”  Much as it may be an artificial, arbitrary freedom, switching to a new blog should give me the freedom to write an “at home” blog, rather than a travel blog.

Also, freed of the “responsibility” to educate and inform about a foreign place, I intend to fill this digital space with a much more eclectic collection of entries.

Stay tuned!  “oscar at home” is going active.



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