I’ve just been to Goldstream Park to see the salmon run.  If it’s possible for you to go see this phenomenon, I highly recommend it.  For those in Victoria, you already know the story of the salmon – you learned it every year in elementary school, and maybe again in high school if you took biology.  But I guarantee that if you go, now, and see it again, you’ll be amazed.  There are but few chances to see the circle of life in action like this, especially in North America.  These salmon, after following a mysterious internal compass thousands of kilometers to their home stream, will spill their eggs and milt (SPERM, for those not in the know!) and then die.  Their carcasses will be picked at by raucous, bickering seagulls as more salmon lay their eggs nearby, struggling past the rotting bodies of their fellows.  You can see the deterioration of the spawning salmon – even as they swim valiantly against the current, searching for the right place and the right mate, their bodies are starting to fail.  Absolutely everything has been given in this final push, to swim upstream and spawn.

GO AND SEE THE SALMON!  And the trees, the gulls, the moss and ferns and fungus and leaf litter…  The clouds, mountains, strange rocks, twisted roots, wind-tossed branches and every other part of this lovely place we live in.


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