change of scene

I have two jobs.  One of these is an extremely part-time gig teaching SAT prep courses and one-on-one tutoring in math and science.  The other is a work-from-home job where I do fairly mindless computer stuff – data entry, formatting, editing, etc.  The joy and downfall of this situation is that it is possible for me to go for days without changing out of my pajamas.

Today I decided I had to get out of the house, and relocated to downtown Victoria.  My current workplace:

Those in the know will probably realize exactly where I’m sitting right now.

More snow photos:

Snow in Chinatown.

Looks like a REAL Canadian city!

Early-morning UVic.

Bad photo taken out of the car window, but shows you what the world looked like this morning.  It’s mostly melted by now – the temperature’s up to 2 degrees Celsius, and the gutters are gurgling with slushy snowmelt.  Fingers crossed for no freezing rain.


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