cell phones

I do not like cell phones. I use my phone, on average, less than once per day. I rarely text, I rarely call. Probably less than 10 people have my number. I email at a ferocious pace, but I do not like cell phones. Land lines are preferable; when you call someone on a cell phone, you don’t know where they are! They could be anywhere, with anyone. You could be interrupting something. They might not be able to devote their full attention to you. They could be in the company of someone who shouldn’t overhear your phone call. And I don’t like receiving calls, either, for all the same reasons. I detest the feeling of being “on call,” available to anyone that wants to contact me at any time. As a result, I often leave my phone (1) off, (2) on silent, or (3) at home.

I can write and reply to email at leisure, at an appropriate time and place. When I make or receive calls at home, from land line to land line, I have the comfort of knowing exactly where the other person is talking to me from. They know exactly where I am. We are grounded in space, rather than being two anonymous displaced data points.

I realize I am being old-fashioned.

I will learn to love them, sooner or later. Probably when land lines are completely phased out.


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