Mt. Finlayson

On Saturday I climbed Mt. Finlayson with H.  

I’d been thinking about climbing it since going to Goldstream a few weeks ago, and decided that this weekend was the one.  It’s a beautiful hike – about 3 hours round-trip, with gorgeous forest and views.  The climb is steep enough to provide a challenge, but short enough to be friendly.

I found some beautiful fungus along the way!

The view was lovely, but sadly spoiled by the Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club – the last time I climbed Mt Finlayson (a long time ago!) it had just been erected and since then it’s exploded.  There’s an ever-increasing spread of construction, and eerily well-manicured golf greens among the trees.  Despite the eyesore, it was a crystalline day, and Mt. Baker was stark and close on the horizon.

We’d climbed up the eastern face of the mountain, and when we reached the top there was a sharp dividing line: on the west, the slowly-moving line between sun and shadow also marked the line between frost and melt.  We’d encountered no ice on the way up, but at the top, wherever the sun had not yet reached, there was a thick frost.

It was a good day.  I don’t spend enough time outside when it’s winter, but once I actually get OUT, I never regret it…  There’s something about the clarity of cold winter air that always seems like a bad idea when I’m in my nice warm house, but invariably reveals itself as an excellent idea once I’m out and about.


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