New Year

New Year.

Truth:  2010 was not a great year.  A lot of things happened, and many of them were good; but overall, I think that 2010 was the year that I finally woke up, looked around, and said, “Oops! I don’t have a Life Plan, in any area of my life.  Nor have I EVER had a Life Plan.”

Hopefully, 2011 will be the year in which I make a Life Plan.  I’m going to start graduate school (assuming I get in somewhere, which seems more likely that not), which will – at the very least – help me to eliminate something I thought I wanted to do, but actually don’t.  One step closer to the Life Plan!

On the other hand, perhaps I don’t need a Plan, as such.  I have my New Year’s Resolutions, designed to propel me into a more fulfilling life sans Plans or Accomplishments.  I’m only twenty-four.  (Shut up, high school students…)  I have remarkable friends, a loving family, and an open mind.  More open, at least, than it used to be.  I should be okay even if I don’t discover my life’s true purpose in the next twelve months, right?

Life-improving New Year’s Resolutions include:

1.  Standing on my head every day.  Reversing your circulation is good for you!  Headstands are good for your shoulder muscles!

2.  Reading more, writing more, drawing more.  (These are always on my list of resolutions.)

3.  Being more compassionate:  listening more, focusing more of my energy on others, being more helpful and less of a jerk.

4.  Reading certain special books in small chunks, a measured amount each day.  I’ve read several books in this manner: a chapter of The Origin of Species each day, one book of The Odyssey before bed.  I haven’t decided on which books yet.  Suggestions?

The nice thing about realizing your shortcomings is that then you can begin to work on them.



2 responses to “New Year

  1. Are you open to general book suggestions? Story collections/novels?

  2. all book suggestions much appreciated!

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