sen zushi

My family has a monthly ritual: going out for dinner. The choice of restaurant is rotated between the four of us, and is ideally a place we haven’t been to before, a well-reviewed gem we’ve yet to devour.  This month’s choice – Sen Zushi – was not a new venture, but it was delicious as ever.  Octopus sunomono salad (I love octopus.. dead or alive.. I know that sounds somewhat barbaric, but it’s true), salmon oyako don (pictured above), mounds of sushi and sashimi, grilled squid, spinach salad, miso soup, prawn tempura, warm sake, perfect Japanese green tea.  And the company of my family!  What more could one ask for?

There is no food I find as aesthetically appealing as Japanese food.  The presentation is meticulous; the colours, garnishes, array of beautiful ceramics, pale tangles of daikon radish, rainbow of sliced-open sushi rolls.  But never overdone.  Japanese food would never go over the top, never push itself on you. (Excluding, of course, the gigantic sushi boats available at many restaurants. I have occasionally been guilty of ordering and enjoying these boats!  I’m also guilty of a few sake bombs – sorry, surrounding restaurant patrons.)


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