Nabokov’s butterflies

When I was reading Pale Fire a few months ago, I decided to google Nabokov and discovered that he had been a serious lepidopterist (butterfly expert).  Fascinating!  He had a number of other strange obsessions, but butterflies came in at the top of the list.  Most other butterfly researchers didn’t take Nabokov very seriously, unable to stomach the fact that the brilliant writer might also beat them at their own game.  So nobody gave any credence to Nabokov’s theories about butterfly migration and evolution…  UNTIL NOW.  And it turns out he was totally, completely, absolutely right.

Read all about it on the New York Times:

Nabokov Theory on Butterfly Evolution Is Vindicated


2 responses to “Nabokov’s butterflies

  1. I heard he wrote at a lectern in his socks.

  2. and he was also interested in chess problems. what a bizarre man.

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