It’s true, I like Vancouver.  But I like Victoria better.

Here’s a picture of the Bridgeport skytrain station:

A magical airborne highway to anywhere.  I do like the skytrain.  When the train bursts free of its tunnel and enters the open air, there’s such a feeling of exhileration.

I had two very successful meetings with professors at UBC:

Prof. Brian Leander, who leads “The Laboratory of Marine Serendipity and Spectaculars.”  He’s a young professor, a chilled-out dude from San Diego who is wildly excited about his work with marine microeukaryotes.  If you click through, there are some amazing electron microscope images of various critters he’s discovered.

Prof. Eric Taylor, who studies fish evolution in various ways, and works closely with the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, which advises the Canadian government on what to do regarding various endangered species.  In short, he leads a life that I would like to have!  He is prone to winding tangents in conversation, and also madly in love with his work.

Now that I actually believe I will get into grad school, I’m very excited about it.  Six more years of school?  Bring it on.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be.





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