two notes on telephones

1.  I made a new friend on the bus, and he does not have a cellular telephone. Remarkable! You know how I feel about cell phones, so this makes me very happy. Whenever I call him I know exactly where he’ll be. In a world of chaos, it’s comforting. Land line to land line, that’s the way to go.

2.  Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone” is available as a children’s book. Good grief!  But observe below, the illustrations are done in a retro, Curious-George-ish style and they’re completely charming. Bizarrely, I think that the repetitive nonsense of the song translates extremely well to children’s book format.  It may make more sense, in fact, to small children than to adults…

P.S. In case you think I’m making fun of Gaga, here’s the truth: I love her.



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