u. chicago interview: jitters

Tomorrow morning I leave to fly to Midway Airport in Chicago and do my First Ever Grad School Interview. For those not in the know, I’ve been applying to PhD programs in evolutionary biology, and this is my first bite. I’ve just been flat-out rejected by Stanford (confidential to Stanford Biosciences: FUCK YOU! Just kidding… maybe you’ll take me as a post-doc?) so I feel particularly pressured to perform at U. Chicago. Maybe this is my only chance! My single nibble! The only, lonely fish caught by my not-so-widely-cast net!

That’s okay. U. Chicago is an excellent school, nestled in a city of wonders. Fingers crossed I convince them that I am the right student. CHOOSE ME.

Would write more, realize I’m slacking, etc etc etc… But for now, I must finish packing. SNOWPOCALYPSE is a major departure from balmy Victoria.



One response to “u. chicago interview: jitters

  1. You’re going to be awesome girlie! Yeah Chitown!! 😉

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