seatac transit

In the Seattle airport, feeling (as usual!) like an international woman of mystery.  Or maybe just a college student. Transience is a powerful state of being; I have with me everything I need. I could go anywhere, be anyone, in a matter of hours. Objects with me right now:

– Set of clothing appropriate for all weather and a variety of social settings
– Laptop, from which I can make phone calls, do work, research, and stay in touch with anyone I might want to stay in touch with
– Camera
– Phone
– Notebook and pens
– Book to read
– Passports
– Credit card
– Water bottle

That’s it. That’s all I need. Right now I could take off to anywhere in the world and my life could continue more or less as before. My office is set up the moment I open my computer.  My desk is a round cafeteria table.  Huge curved windows open onto the tarmac where the planes are taxiing and taking off, exuberant and unbelievable in flight. Behind them is the breathtaking line of the Olympic mountains, snowcapped and razor-sharp in the bright winter sun.

Next stop, the future. Maybe my future. Somebody’s future, anyhow.


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