Brief Life Update

Apologies for the radio silence, I moved to England and I’m getting back into the swing of things. Bullet point life updates, which I will expand upon later:

1. I will be going to the University of British Columbia in September, for a masters degree in Zoology. I will be studying fish evolution and conservation with Prof. Eric Taylor. This decision makes me happy for many reasons, chief among them: (1) Vancouver is awesome,  (2) I’ve always wanted to study marine biology around my beloved home island, (3) thank god I’m still going to school, right?!

2.  I’ve moved to England. Newport, Shropshire, to be precise. I am living with my [insert English accent here] absolutely spiffing [/accent] boyfriend AH, in a house with 4 other students at Harper Adams University College. That’s right, folks – I’ve re-entered the college milieu, albeit as a bitter oldster. Kids these days, indeed. That aside, it’s fascinating to be living in (1) EUROPE! and (2) Somewhat Rural England. Fields that have been under cultivation continuously for over 1000 years!? Farmers galore!? Reality TV about farming!? Books in the corner newstand entitled “Beautiful Sheep”?! (Literally, a book of photographs of beautiful sheep.)

3. I played squash for the first time ever yesterday, and my arm is sore.

4. In July, I will be driving to Mongolia. MORE ON THAT LATER, FOLKS. If your jaw didn’t drop, I encourage you to read my words again – driving. to. MONGOLIA. – and then look at a map.



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