Awhile ago, I posted a link to Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo, a free online webcomic by an acclaimed Canadian comics writer/artist… I hope you got the chance to check it out.

Now I’m bringing you another comics link: Warren Ellis’s FREAKANGELS, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield.

Warren Ellis is the legendary creator of Transmetropolitan as well as zillions of other fantastic works in a variety of genres. I was a BIG fan of the limited comics series Global Frequency, which was at one point was going to be a television show. The TV project has since stalled, as do so many TV/movie projects. For we rabid fans who follow the potential adaptation of our favourite geek-works to screen, it’s an immensely frustrating process. I suppose the process of getting ANY film project going is equally spastic and frustrating. Warren Ellis has seen his work transferred to screen with massive success (RED, which came out recently, was based on his work), but more often.. not so much success.

But I digress. FREAKANGELS is quality comics, put up on the web for free by a bizarre and benevolent comics wizard who decided to undertake The Great Webcomics Experiment and put up a totally amazing, professional weekly comic, supported by merchandise and loyal fans. FREAKANGELS is printed and published in graphic novel format as well, but from the beginning it has been free and online. Pretty amazing.

So if you like dysfunctional superheroes, post-apocalyptic worlds, gorgeous artwork, Hott Babes, steampunk (+1 geekpoint if you know what steampunk is, +2 if you LOVE IT), and witty British dialogue, CLICK HERE!  I mean, it’s totally free, dude.

P.S. While I’m on the subject of comics, I must say that “Y: The Last Man,” which my awesome father gave me and my broski for Christmas, is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. Believe the critics! It’s amazing. Not for free on the internet, though. Gotta go buy it. Or borrow it from me, the next time I’m in Victoria.


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