conservative majority blues

Canadian absentee ballot - so many envelopes!

Weeks ago, I applied for and received my absentee ballot in the post. I dutifully filled it in and mailed it off.

Yesterday was the election. My riding – Victoria – went to Denise Savoie, NDP. No surprises there. But the rest of the country? CONSERVATIVE. Stephen Harper reigns supreme. I feel rudely transported back to 2004, when I sat on the floor of my friend David’s dorm room at Princeton and watched Bush prance into a second term. I’m just less surprised. Seven years (!!) later, and apparently all that’s changed is that I’m more cynical.

Yes, I’m excited by the huge gains by the NDP. (Though I’m distressed that in many ridings, the NDP and the Liberals split the vote, leaving the Conservatives free to win). I’m happy that it seems the Bloc Quebecois is disappearing. But I’m brutally disappointed that Harper is still in charge of my country, this time with even more power. Can we consider for a moment all of the SHIT HARPER DID? Well, now we can look forward to four more years of SHIT HE HAS YET TO DO.

As a proud Canadian, I frequently espouse the advantages of my country over the United States, but I feel as though we’re starting to lose ground. Hopefully after enduring four more years of Harper, Canada will have a similar backlash of idealism. For now, let’s just hope that Harper doesn’t trash my country too badly. He’s the only Prime Minister to ever have been held in contempt of Parliament, and he’s back? Surely there’s some mistake…

p.s. Did you know that my dad looks just like Jack Layton? Srsly.

p.p.s. Apologies for this ranting, venting, negative entry… But I wanted to write something about the election, and this is all I could come up with. No eloquent political commentary from this girl. 


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