a few random things

1.  I’m making chicken soup for dinner tonight, using the remains of a chicken I roasted a week or so ago. As I stood over the stove, picking every last bit of meat off of the carcass, slowly exposing the fragile ribs and well-boiled scraps of kidney, I found myself thinking: this is what my flesh would be like, if cooked. This, how naked the bones. This, how easily it slips away.

2.  Terry’s Diary. Okay, so I think Terry Richardson is probably a bit of a demented pervert (see the many reports from models who accuse him of inappropriate conduct during shoots…), and it’s debatable how much of an artistic genius he is, but goddamn I love following his photo blog. The photographs fall into two categories: (1) random snapshots of things Terry Richardson sees, be it the Eiffel Tower or a patch of odd graffitti, and (2) pictures of celebrities. Many of them. Often playing what is (apparently) Terry Richardson’s favourite game: they put on his glasses, and he puts on theirs. They take a photo giving a thumbs-up to the camera. Terry posts the photos on his blog with the caption “Me as [celebrity]. [Celebrity] as me.” I dunno, it’s hard to explain. Just go have a look. Either you’ll like it or you won’t; it’s pretty clear from the first page or so what it’s all about.

3. I’m going to London tomorrow, to visit dear friends I met in India and haven’t seen since. I’m very excited. It always surprises me (in a delightful way) when people I haven’t seen for a long time are excited to see me.

4. American Idol. Scotty? Really? I’m still mourning for Casey and Haley.


One response to “a few random things

  1. did you meet lauri? (:

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