back in the saddle?

Since my last entry, I’ve done a few things:

1. Drove to Mongolia from England, with the Mongol Rally. See the blog here:

the Totally Independent Travelling Students


It was a crazy trip (how could it not be?) which is amply documented over at the other site.

2. Moved to Vancouver

3. Started my M.Sc. at UBC, in zoology

4. Found an apartment… well, a room in a house. This is – believe it or not – the first time I’ve ever rented my own living space. I’ve definitely lived away from home, but I’ve never signed a lease or any such thing before.

5. Started some kind of tentative semi-deliberate process that might be related to such things as personal reinvention, rediscovery, or at least synthesis of all that I’ve experienced over the past 4 years. I feel restless already, as though I should be in Africa instead of here, but I think that home (more or less) is a good place for me to process and benefit from my 4 years of international madness. Let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing on this earth. Not really.

I should resume posting here regularly. Though I’ll be busy, I will be procrastinating as heavily as always.





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