snow in vancouver

OOPS, didn’t realize that this new “quickpost” thing in wordpress was going to post all of the below photos as separate entries. oh well, no time to fix it now.

SNOW IN VANCOUVER! Woke up this morning to a light coat of snow on all of the houses outside. The buses were packed; my usual bus cruised by without stopping, so I caught a different one. Unfortunately it stopped far short of UBC due to snow, and several busloads of disgruntled students spilled out into the street. It was beautiful, actually: we walked past the golf course, the trees unloading soft falls of melting snow, the yellowing leaves and bare twigs bending with the slight weight.  I should thank the bus. Without it, I never would have spent 45 minutes walking in the snow, my legs and ankles straining with the unfamiliar rhythm of walking on slippery slush, eyes full of the strange sight of snow in Vancouver. In November, no less!

My feet are still wet. 


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