silver linings (?)

Just watched Silver Linings Playbook, then rolled off of my chair and onto my bedroom floor and wept. Looked up at the blurry underside of my desk with un-glasses eyes. Observed my jar collection, which has by necessity moved to under-the-desk. Crushed my cheek against the carpet. 

Picked myself up and did what I always do after I see a movie: read reviews of it online. Previously my first person to go to was always Roger Ebert… maybe sometime I will write about how sad I was when he died. But he is dead. I’m sure he reviewed Silver Linings Playbook, but it hasn’t felt right to me to read his reviews after his death. So this time,

“All the crockery ends up on the floor, along with the remnants of Raisin Bran, and we’re left with the realization that these two people are falling in love but may be too screwed-up to deal with it – a phenomenon that afflicts many of us at one time or another, from you and me to David Petraeus and that lady with the upper arms.”

Of course, in the movie, they deal with it. 

Why is real life so hard? Reason 1, I guess, is because it takes longer than 122 minutes for everything to get resolved…


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